How to learn IMEI iPhone and how to use it

IMEI is a special 15-digit code that is assigned individually to each telephone legally produced in any region of the planet. The right to assign this code has several special international organizations, one of them is BABT (British Telecommunications Approval Council). This code is unique and never repeats.

How to learn IMEI iPhone and how to use it

IMEI iPhone

You can learn the code in several ways:

• on models starting from the fifth iPhone, the code is indicated on the outside of the back cover;
• the code is indicated on the packaging and in the documents;
• on older devices, IMEI is printed on the SIM card tray;
• dial on the keyboard the combination * # 06 # and a call;
• go to Settings – Basic – About this device, the code will be displayed along with other information;
• using the iTines application, which, when a smartphone is connected, detects the device and displays the data, it will be available in the Overview tab;
• if you already connected the smartphone to iTunes, then its code can be found in Settings – Devices, find your phone in the list of backup devices.

How to learn IMEI iPhone and how to use it

Now that you understand how to find out IMEI iPhone, write it on a separate piece of paper and put it in some unforgettable place.

In the absence of a phone, for example, if it was stolen, you can find the IMEI by the serial number in the store where you purchased the device, or by requesting an official Apple representative for support.

Using the Redsn0w Utility

This small program will tell all the information about the phone, even if it is not activated and the main functions of the menu are blocked. The Redsn0w utility detects the following iPhone settings:

• IMEI code;
• serial number;
• MAC address of WiFi and Bluetooth;
• model number;
• device processor identifier;
• modem firmware version;
• model number;
• SIM card information;
• activation status, etc.

The utility works with all iOS devices. First you need to install it on a computer. There are versions for Apple and Windows PCs. After installation, connect the device to the computer and run the application. In the Extras section, select Even more options and click on Identify.

How to learn IMEI iPhone and how to use it

After receiving the information, you can save it to memory by pressing the Save button. You can find the IMEI code on a locked phone in the same way, by the Redsn0w utility.

Available IMEI Information

If you know the device’s IMEI, then using free services on the Internet you can find out almost all the information about your smartphone. For example, you need to know the serial number by IMEI. To do this, go to the appropriate resource, enter the code and get the serial number, date of manufacture and offer with the price for unlocking. Also, the service gives the activation date by IMEI. In addition, the service is connected to the black list of phones; you can easily check whether the phone you are checking is listed as “hijacked”. For an additional 3 dollars, the service will send, and the data on the SIM card to your email.

To find out the model by IMEI, you can also use the Unlockapple service. It will not only show the exact name of the model, but also report some features of the phone. For example, whether it was under repair (official naturally), whether it is a product of refabshed.

How to learn IMEI iPhone and how to use it

Why you need to know IMEI

Most mobile phone users use the gadget for the entire life cycle, and maybe even their own life, and do not even suspect that there is a certain code and that it is needed for something. This is usually the way it should be. But not in Russia. A few reasons why you need to know IMEI:

• when buying a used phone, so as not to slip a fake or blacklisted phone;
• if the smartphone was stolen, IMEI is the only identifier by which it can be tracked;
• in order to unlock the phone, including remotely using Internet services;

Mobile operators use IMEI for other purposes. To control customer movements. Many phones, especially in the United States and Europe, are sold locked to a specific operator or region. If you decide to use a smartphone designed to work in the US networks, then in Russia, most likely it will be turned off right away, as it appears on the MTS network, and possibly does not see the network at all. To make the phone work, you need to unlock it. For iPhone, this can be done legally only two years after activation.

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