How to increase the speed of your computer

It often happens that as soon as you bought a new computer, after only a few months, it starts to hang completely. In this case, very powerful RAM does not even save – as much as 4 GB, although Windows XP sees only 3 GB of them! You think this is normal, but in fact it is not. This is especially striking after you came to a friend, and he has a Pentium 3 with 512 Mb RAM, but you are surprised to see that his computer is much faster than yours. What happened and what needs to be done in this case?

Firstly, if you want your fragmented files to slow down the OS, you can do nothing and wait for the next reinstallation of Windows until you catch some kind of virus. But you need to understand that as soon as your PC needs to find some information, the head of your hard starts feverishly searching the entire disk space. And this will happen until you defragment the disk. But many PC users rightly doubt the useful utility from Windows that it can qualitatively defragment the disk. To do this, it is better to use specialized programs like O&O Defrag, which quickly and efficiently collect all fragmented files together.

Increase computer speed

How to increase the speed of your computer

If your OS has been on the computer for a long time without reinstalling, then to speed up all the processes you will need to download the special program RegSupreme Pro, which can be downloaded freely on the Web. This useful program will be able to properly clean and compress the registry. In addition, it has additional options – you can call the program manager or even the startup manager. But what is most surprising, this program is quite simple to manage and can be controlled by almost any PC user!

Do not forget to install a good antivirus. Most of the instructions (frankly, from the West) clearly state that it is better to use a licensed product. Utter nonsense! You need to follow the simple motto, which is widespread in the expanses of Runet – if you can use the free program, then use it! And there is nothing to pay for what you can get for free! The matter has already gone so far that the esteemed New York Times strongly recommends using the free version of AVAST Home Edition! And what are we worse? Why pay for Kaspersky Virus when you can get for free and much better quality?

Never be lazy regarding cleaning. At least once a year, do not forget how to vacuum your processor unit. This is especially true when the summer heat is approaching. Some computer experts categorically do not recommend opening the lid of the processor unit, saying that this violates the general geometry of the air flows, and as a result the power of the entire cooling system drops significantly. Maybe they are right if the computer is operating at room temperature, but if it already has all 35 degrees Celsius? In this case, there is only one way out – we open the processor unit cover and you will immediately see with the help of the useful Everest program that the temperature of the motherboard and processor has gone down …

But you can not stop there, but you need to go even further. If you feel that heat is inevitable, feel free to remove the processor from the pressure containers and change the thermal grease. It is white and any computer store will sell it to you.

If you don’t know how to remove the processor correctly, then it’s better not to risk it, ask your friend who is well versed in computer hardware. At worst, take the processor unit to a computer workshop, where specialists will quickly change thermal grease right before your eyes.

That's all. If you do everything right, then as a result of these operations, the power and speed of your computer will only increase.

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