How to easily get around the annoying flaws of iOS 13

iOS 13 brought a lot of useful and cool changes – but there are a couple of frankly unsuccessful ones that made the system seem less uncomfortable for long-time users. But few people know that the two most annoying flaws can be easily circumvented. We tell you how to do it.

Applications have become more difficult to delete and move

Previously, to remove or move applications, it was enough to hold your finger on one of the icons until they start to “tremble”. At the same time, a strong press opened a context menu with quick commands. In iOS 13, Apple got rid of 3D Touch, so now these gestures have become equivalent. The developers decided to leave the context menu in which the item "Change the order of applications" appeared.

            How to easily get around the annoying flaws of iOS 13             How to easily get around the annoying flaws of iOS 13

But few people know that you can do without a menu. Even in two ways.

Hold the icon until you feel a slight tactile feedback even before the menu appears. Move the icon to the side to change its position – while the rest will also go into edit mode. It’s not possible to catch the moment the first time, but it’s easier than it seems.
Hold the icon and do not let go even when the menu appears. After a couple of seconds, the icons habitually “tremble”.

Missing cursor while editing text

Previously, if you edited the text and wanted to change something or select it, it was enough to press a finger to any place so that the cursor appears. Thanks to this, it was easy to move to the desired position – but in iOS 13 they got rid of this tool. But he has a replacement that is not at all obvious.

            How to easily get around the annoying flaws of iOS 13

When typing, press and hold the spacebar for a couple of seconds. This will turn the keyboard area into a trackpad and make navigation easier.

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