How daily photography can affect your life


We love to make promises to ourselves: go on a diet from Monday, start putting off on a trip with the next salary, go in for sports in the new year and read 50, no, 100 books a year. Unfortunately, promises are rarely kept and remain just promises. Any changes are perceived by the brain as a threat to peace, so it is difficult for us to abandon old habits and have new ones. 365 project is designed to help you set goals and achieve them.

What is a 365 project and why is it needed

This is a real challenge for photography enthusiasts. Those who are already engaged in photography will be able to pump their skill, while others will learn a new hobby.

The rules are simple: every day during the year you need to publish one photo. To do this, you can use the free application or upload photos directly to the site.


You don’t need expensive equipment to participate: the camera in your smartphone is quite suitable. The creators of the project do not care whether you are a professional or an amateur, their goal is to arouse in you a passion for photography and a desire to change your life.

About Tookapic

The app is available for Android devices. A simple and friendly interface will help you to get comfortable and quickly upload photos to your page. Tookapic does not have an image editor, so you have to apply filters and retouch photos in a third-party program. But you can add personality and depth to your photo by adding a signature or telling its story.

If you want to change something, discipline yourself, share ideas or start a career as a photographer, then 365 project will help you with this.


Participation in the project does not require any cash investments. However, if after some time you realize that you will take photography seriously, you will be able to subscribe, which opens up access to interesting functions that were not available earlier.

Try, create and change your life for the better.

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