Headset Mini S96 Stereo


The S96 Stereo Mini Wireless Headset delivers unrivaled sound quality at an incredibly small size.

It's no secret to anyone that talking on a cell phone while driving is not only inconvenient, but also extremely unsafe. That is why the developers, taking care of our safety, have developed a S96 wireless headset for mobile phones, a S96 mini headset, which on the way will not only become your faithful and reliable companion, but also save you from missed incoming calls.


Headset Mini S96 Stereo

The Bluetooth headset is by far the easiest and most versatile solution. After all, wireless technology is now supported by all modern devices, which means that it will suit any of them.


Advantages of the S96 Wireless Headset

√ One of the main advantages of this headset is that it makes our life a lot easier. With it, we can listen to music, answer calls and not be afraid to miss a call.

√ Elegant appearance and unsurpassed sound quality, which will give true pleasure from listening to your favorite songs.

√ No connectivity issues. Just turn on the Bluetooth on both devices, and connect them using this technology.

√ The noise canceling function ensures good sound quality even in the noisiest places, which means that now not a single word is left unheard.

√ Despite the fact that at first glance the headphones may seem massive, they are incredibly lightweight and almost invisible.

√ Using this device, you can do several things at the same time, because when talking through the headset, your hands remain free, and you will not be distracted from other activities. It is also worth noting that the headset is a huge success among car owners, as it allows you to drive a car and simultaneously talk on the phone without violating traffic rules.

√ The headset is suitable for all devices that support bluetooth technology, and, as you know, all modern models are equipped with it.

In fact, the advantages of this device can be described indefinitely, but the best thing, of course, is to try it out and see for yourself. And the fact that the headset will not let you down at the most crucial moment, and moreover, will justify all your expectations, you can have no doubt.


• Transmission distance – 10 meters;

• Talk time – 3 hours;

• Standby time – 48 hours.


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