Hackers have learned to crack Android smartphones via SMS with operator settings


Hackers can crack Android smartphones by sending fake SMS to them with the settings of operator services – for example, the Internet. According to researchers from Check Point Research, so attackers are able to intercept all user mail and gain access to other important data.

A remote agent can trick a user into accepting new phone settings, which, for example, will redirect all Internet traffic and steal e-mail through a proxy server controlled by an attacker.

Artyom Skrobov and Slava Makkaveev, researchers at Check Point Research


It is enough for the hacker to get a GSM-modem and find out the international identifier of the mobile subscriber IMSI. As soon as he does this, he will be able to send a fake SMS with settings to the victim. And to distinguish it from the present will be impossible.

            Hackers have learned to crack Android smartphones via SMS with operator settingscheckpoint.com

Researchers tested the vulnerability on smartphones Samsung, LG, Huawei and Sony. Samsung fixed the problem in May and LG fixed it in July. Huawei intends to fix the bug only in new smartphones. Sony took no action. Given that many users prefer not to install security updates at all, caution should be given to every owner of an Android smartphone. And it’s better to enter all the operator’s settings manually in general.


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