Google Glass is losing its fans


In early 2013, Google told the world about its new Google Glass project, which is augmented reality glasses. The search giant is considered one of the first who was able to create a working prototype of such a device and for almost two years after the official announcement, the developers were actively engaged in improving the technology. For a long time, the corporation could not decide to begin the spread of a revolutionary device.

At this time, other companies also did not stagnate, and some groups of novice developers managed to create their own variants of glasses with augmented reality and put them on sale. Mostly produced glasses are intended for sports and in real time they can understand the owner’s voice commands by searching for the necessary information on the Internet and showing the glasses directly on the display. At the same time, the user's hands remain free.


Google Glasses

Google Glass is losing its fans

Initially, Google Glass was only available to Google employees.

The initial concept of Google Glass glasses almost corresponded to the capabilities described above, but Google tried to bring its device to perfection, and from time to time it had to solve significant problems. As you know, one of the main details of Google Glass is the built-in camera, capable of taking photos and videos in good quality. This opportunity alerted many people: any owner of Google Glass glasses could imperceptibly shoot for them, and large companies like movie theater chains were worried about the possible increase in piracy.


In the end, the creators of Google Glass had to create “etiquette rules”, following which the owners of glasses should remove “smart” glasses in places where wearing such equipment is prohibited, turn them off if someone around requests it and politely answers questions from others people touching unusual glasses. The owners of the largest cinema chains, in turn, also created some restrictions: recently, moviegoers must take off augmented reality glasses while watching a movie, and in case of refusal, employees have every right not to let these people into the session or even call the police.

Google Glass is losing its fans

Google Glass Augmented Reality Glasses

Glasses also caused some problems with the law. Last year, there were cases when drivers with Google Glass had to be fined, citing the fact that glasses could distract them from the driving process. Also, many probably remember the situation between the owner of glasses from Google and visitors to the bar, who considered filming with a hidden camera of such a device unacceptable in a public institution and attacked it.

Fortunately or unfortunately, there are few Google Glass owners: at first, the device was available exclusively to company employees for an impressive price of $ 1,500. Gradually, they began to sell the new product to some specialists of different positions, so that they could try out the new technology and identify its capabilities that could help in their work. This year, Google decided to empty the warehouses with glasses, and sold the remaining copies for the same impressive cost.

Google Glass is losing its fans

More familiar Google Glasses

By the end of this year, news about Google Glass glasses was almost inaudible. At first, the technology, which seemed promising, gradually began to lose its adherents, and the problems described above were most likely to blame for this. Perhaps, Google was a little hasty with the release of a similar project to the people, since the society is not yet ready for such changes.

With a decrease in user interest in the device, the attention of application developers has also decreased. At the moment, the Google Glass app store does not have a large number of supported projects, and with a decrease in popularity their number cannot grow. Due to the fact that users with great confidence and interest reacted to the young market of wearable devices, software developers focused on creating projects for smart watches. For example, you can cite Twitter, which completely abandoned work on applications for smart glasses and took up support for its program, optimized for Android Wear.

Google Glass is losing its fans

According to the Reuters analytical agency, out of 16 development teams that previously worked on applications for Google Glass, 9 teams are now working on creating applications for other platforms, not wanting to return to augmented reality glasses. This reluctance is due to the lack of a large audience of users and the limitations that exist in the software component of Google Glass points.

According to foreign sources, many Google Glass owners were forced to sell their devices through online auctions for half their price, since without the proper support from the developers they became useless, and they often had to be charged due to an insufficient battery.

It is not yet known what the creators of Google Glass are busy right now. The latest rumors say that augmented reality glasses were decided to be re-created, taking into account past mistakes. The first thing that specialists need to fix is ​​the design of the glasses, since they looked ridiculous from the very beginning, and over time, no special improvements were noticed during development. It is possible that Google has high hopes for the corporate market, since the concept of augmented reality seems to be more effective in the industrial sphere than in everyday life.

Despite this, it is still not worth excluding the possibility of the release of augmented reality devices for ordinary users. Perhaps, by making appropriate additions to the laws of countries, misunderstandings in society caused by smart glasses can be avoided.


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