ESports: there are bets too


Once we got used to the usual sweepstakes: horse racing, football, baseball and others like them pleased not only with spectacles, but also with the ability to tickle the nerves with excitement. Already then gentlemen bet on favorites, predicting their victory. With the advent of computer games, eSports was born. Today the site can try you your luck here too.

ESports: there are bets too

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There are not many differences from the usual competition. It can be team or solo competitions in popular games. Today, the most famous, familiar even to people far from games, such “sports” are known:

• Counter-Strike: GlobalOnline;
• Dota 2;
• World Of Tanks;
• Warkraft and others.


The mechanism is identical to ordinary sports: there are quotes, forecasts, favorites. You can bet not only on the winner, but also other events. The only difference is that the competitors sit almost motionless and most of all their brain and fingers work.

Do not assume that this is some kind of frivolous industry – there are also selections, rules, qualifications. Teams sometimes train for six months before participating in world competitions. It is also important here the ability to think strategically and tactically, be able to work in a team, bear responsibility for their role.

How profitable are bets here?

It all depends on who you bet on and whether he wins. It is impossible to say about any sport that there are definitely good rates there. However, you can highlight some rules that will increase your effectiveness:

• Thoroughly study the participants, try to analyze first yourself, make a forecast;

• Analyze their previous participation in other competitions, as they were in difficult moments, etc.;

• When creating your opinion on a favorite, read expert articles. Even if they are very powerful analysts, their opinion cannot be completely unbiased;

• Do not rush to immediately make high bets. Beginners are lucky, but very rarely, they just don’t trumpet so loudly about failure stories.

Otherwise, the rules of financial management have not changed at all. The main principle – do not bet more than you are willing to lose (both financially and morally). If nevertheless this happened, do not rush to “recoup”. As practice has shown, this can lead to a debt hole. With a reasonable approach, you will enjoy watching a spectacular competition and even. Probably a good win.

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