E-book or simple?

Since ancient times, the book has been one of the most valuable items in wealthy homes. For one book, you could give a herd of cows or a lot of gold. The books themselves were richly decorated with precious stones, emphasizing the wealth of the owner. They were given to the sovereigns, and this was one of the most valuable gifts for weddings and coronations. A large library testified to the great knowledge and well-being of the owner. But all this was many centuries ago. Now anyone can buy a book. Back in the 20th century, the presence of a large number of books was a sign of prosperity and prosperity, but with the advent of civilization and the Internet, in which all books are digitized and free, classic paper editions faded into the background.

Undoubtedly, printed books will always be, if not as an object from which knowledge can be extracted, but as an element of the interior. Thin and dusty books have been replaced by thin modern electronic books in which you can fit the entire home library and even more. So what is the secret of such books? You can simply read from a computer or laptop screen this is more practical and you will always find the right book without delay. But reading from a computer is not very pleasant and somewhat painful to the eyes, because doctors advise spending less than 2 hours a day behind the monitor. If you are an avid book lover, two hours a day is definitely not enough for you.

E-book or simple?

Electronic or simple?

The main advantage of the e-book is that its screen has been specially created and optimized for comfortable reading. Electronic paper technology makes the book display as similar to a regular paper sheet as possible, making the book completely safe for the eyes. Its second main advantage is that in such a “baby” more than a hundred books are placed, the user has quick access to them all the time. Well, what is optionally available is uploading video pictures and similar content to the music book. Make a touch screen for more convenient and easy operation. In my opinion, multimedia navrotas only harm, and I will tell you why. When replacing ordinary electronic paper with a sensor, the quality of the display rises in the control area, but drops sharply in the comfort of reading, which negatively affects the eyes. Of course, it’s nice to have everything in the book, including your favorite photos and videos, but you didn’t buy it at all to have fun, but to gain knowledge of experience and just to read. Buy a small player or phone to watch movies or videos, and leave the book for books.

When buying a thing, you always think about its cost, because most multimedia equipment costs more than 10 thousand, which can seriously hit the pocket of an ordinary Russian. But no need to refuse to buy an e-book because of this. Such a little thing costs no more than $ 200, which makes it accessible to everyone. Of course, there are models for 10 and 15 thousand, but why all these unnecessary additions? For 5 thousand, you can pick up a pretty decent model that would hold enough books and be convenient to use.

In my opinion, such a thing as an electronic book is perfect not only for lovers of classics or romance novels, I’m talking about ordinary people, but also for schoolchildren who have to take dusty and long-bursting books in the library. They can read anywhere, at home or at school, possibly in a cafe or subway. Such a book is suitable for business people who read a lot of specialized publications, but I think they will prefer tablets to their liking.

In the end, I want to say that, undoubtedly, such a book should ideally be for every person, the main thing is that he uses it, I think it does not matter in what form you will read War and Peace, or Crime and Punishment. The main thing is that you read them. Good luck and read more right books, they have a lot of useful knowledge and experience.


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