Dell Venue 8 Pro Tablet


The tablet market is the fastest growing market to date. The vast majority here has the Android operating system, which occupies the mobile market in kilometer steps, having already managed to squeeze Apple's iOS. Microsoft's entry was not entirely successful. The primary role in this was played by pricing and very bulky first devices. Now the company’s policy was changed, and the world saw completely different, sophisticated devices.

Dell Venue 8 Pro Tablet


Dell Venue 8 Pro Tablet

Design and functionality

The tablet comes in a cardboard white box, on the front side of which the tablet itself is shown with a brief description. The American company envisaged the sale of “tablets” with three different trim levels, which can be divided into budget, medium, and full. The most modest is equipped only with a charger, a stylus and a cover are added to the middle one, and the full one is additionally equipped with a wireless keyboard.


Outwardly, our hero is not much different from his less expensive brothers Dell Venue 8 and Dell Venue 7, which are running Android OS. The design is generally modest. The manufacturer uses a plastic case, in which, when pressed, deflections and creaking of the back cover are noticed. The dimensions of the Dell Venue 8 Pro are 219×134.9×11.4 mm and weighs 395 grams.


Dell Venue 8 Pro

Dell Venue 8 Pro Tablet

On the upper edge is a headphone jack and a standard Windows button, which everyone is used to seeing on the front of the tablet. On the right is the power button and volume rocker. The left side is devoid of structural elements. At the bottom there is a monochrome speaker with good maximum sound.

Dell Venue 8 Pro Tablet

The Dell Venue 8 Pro uses an 8-inch screen made on the IPS-matrix. A resolution of 1280×800 pixels is quite enough for comfortable use, because even on small objects, no rough eyes were detected. Thanks to good viewing angles and a maximum brightness of 365 cd / m2, you can comfortably use the tablet outdoors on a sunny day. The picture quality is at a decent level, so we can say that the American company uses a high-quality matrix in the gadget. No less high-quality is the touchscreen grid, which supports up to 10 simultaneous taps and correctly responds to touches.

The mid-range tablet has a Synaptics stylus that runs on battery power. Work with it is not well thought out by Dell engineers, or as an option drivers were not worked out correctly. But the stylus has an attractive and stylish appearance, so it remains only to programmatically “finish” its work.

The tablet uses two cameras. The front has a resolution of 1.2 megapixels, and the main – 5 megapixels. They are not suitable for shooting in low light. But with good external lighting, the pictures are of acceptable quality.

The tablet runs on the productive 4-core Atom Z3740D processor, which has Turbo Boost technology available, which can be compared in performance to the initial Core i3 models. A two-gigabyte bar is used as RAM, and the manufacturer provides the user with a choice of 32 GB or 64 GB of internal space. Built-in HD Graphics – is low-power.

At maximum load, the right side of the back cover can heat up to 50 degrees Celsius, which is already beyond comfort. True, the temperature of the rest of the tablet does not exceed 30 degrees.

The battery capacity of 4830 mAh is enough for 6 hours of Internet surfing, but at maximum load, the tablet discharges in 2-3 hours.


Dell has a leading position in the notebook market, but the company is not doing very well with tablets. With the release of the Dell Venue 8 Pro, things can change for the better. The thing is that this device can definitely be considered one of the best 8-inch tablets running Windows 8.1. The main advantages include the presence of Office 2013, a bright display with good viewing angles, decent performance, the presence of microSD-cards. If we add an acceptable price and quality from the A-brand here, then you can turn a blind eye to such minor flaws as low screen resolution. And if the presence of micro-usb and micro-HDMI ports is not critical for you, then the tablet can be safely recommended for purchase.


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