Crashed screen on iPhone? Only we will quickly solve your problem!


If your iPhone is damaged the most important and attractive part, that is, the screen, do not panic. Come to our service center. Our qualified specialists will solve your problem. If you just scratched the glass, or it was cracked from the impact, this is solved very quickly and simply. Even if breakdowns are detected in the touchscreen, this also does not require much effort. Much worse if the matrix is ​​damaged. This repair will be longer and more expensive. However, this should not bother you. Timing is relative. Even more complicated repairs in our service center will take no more than a day. And small breakdowns are eliminated in just a few hours.

Crashed screen on iPhone? Only we will quickly solve your problem!

IPhone Repair


This is due to the fact that we have qualified experts who over the years have gained invaluable experience in iphone repair Tempe. Therefore, even complex repairs are not difficult. And, in addition, in our warehouse the number of components and spare parts is enough to carry out repairs of any complexity. We do not make customers wait due to lack of necessary details. Therefore, if you need an iPhone screen replacement, bring your equipment to us. At the stage of preliminary diagnostics, the nature of the breakdown, the amount of work, and the deadline will be explained to you. And also with you agree on the cost. If our prices suit you, then our experts will quickly fix the breakdown. In this case, the iPhone screen will be replaced.

Usually, our terms and rates do not cause customers to be perplexed. Our prices are quite affordable, and the terms are quite acceptable. But suddenly something doesn’t suit the client, he can pick up his iPhone. Our consultants will give the client a description of the diagnosis. The description includes the problem, scope of work, name of spare parts and cost. Consultations in our service center are free. Screen replacement may consist only of glass replacement. This is the cheapest and fastest operation. Replacing the touchscreen is slightly worse, but also nothing really bad. Even worse, if streaks went on the screen or it became dull. Then the replacement of the iPhone screen can be a replacement matrix.


Crashed screen on iPhone? Only we will quickly solve your problem!

We try to do our job in such a way as to satisfy customers completely. The work is carried out by qualified specialists who have received licenses for repairing the iPhone and have gained vast experience in repairing the mechanical parts of the iPhone and setting up its software. In our service center, an attentive attitude to each client, regardless of the complexity of the repair of his equipment. Therefore, over the years, our customer base has grown significantly. Most of all this contributes to the quality of our work and fairly low prices.

In our service center, you can not only replace the iPhone screen. We have a large number of iPhone repair services. You can also replace a damaged or bored iPhone case. If you often have to charge your iPhone, we also advise you to bring it to us. We will replace him with batteries, and he will work like new. If you often listen to music through headphones, the connectors may become loose from use. Please contact us with this problem. Have the speakers stopped working or are you not comfortable with the sound quality? We are ready to come to your aid. Even repairing or replacing a printed circuit board will cease to be a problem if you entrust your phone to our specialists.

As for the software for the iPhone, it’s better not to find our specialists here. IPhone firmware and flashing are also our services that we are ready to provide you.


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