Cooler Master V8 GTS Cooling System


In times of impending crises and widespread savings in all areas of life and production, manufacturers of cooling systems behave a little strange. This strangeness is explained not by a reduction in dimensions and structural elements, but rather by their increase, which is not always accompanied by an increase in quality. Today we look at the new Cooler Master V8 GTS, which uses eight heat pipes, and how much such an increase in size was necessary.

Design and functionality

A Taiwanese company placed the Cooler Master V8 GTS in a glossy black box that looks stylish and austere. It has an image of the cooling system and its name.


In a box of a cubic shape, in addition to the cooling system and documentation, in which, by the way, there is Russian, the manufacturer has provided for motherboard mounts with LGA 775 connectors for Intel, and K8, K10 for AMD, a set of rubber gaskets, screws, washers, nuts and wrench for them, thermal grease, and plugs.

Cooler Master V8 GTS Cooling System


Cooler Master V8 GTS

The overall dimensions of the cooling system were 120x128x161.1 mm, and the weight almost reached one kilogram, and more precisely, it amounted to 865 grams. Cooler Master V8 GTS fascinates at first glance, this is facilitated by an interesting interweaving of eight heat pipes with a diameter of 6 mm, and the presence of four radiators, which are made of aluminum.

Copper plates are arranged in several stages, thus organizing a complex cooling system. Two heat pipes that pass through the center pierce a total of 116 plates with a diameter of 3 mm each. And already closer to the edges, the thickness of the plates increases to 8 mm.

The base of the cooling system has a well-treated surface on which, although the marks from the cutter are visible, they are almost not felt to the touch. Thus, the surface, although not mirrored, but still almost perfectly flat.

The inner sides of the two radiators are slightly concave, and the distance between the sections is 27 millimeters, and since the fan is inserted between them, the thickness of the fan should not exceed this value. The fan is covered with a plastic cover. The dimensions of the cooler itself are 120x120x25 mm, and the number of blades is nine.

The speed of rotation of a standard fan R4-C2R-20AC-GP is automatically controlled by SHI-modulation within 800-1800 revolutions per minute. If you believe the specifications, then the noise produced does not exceed 21 dBA, but in practice it makes much more noise. Some users will like the ability to manually set the upper rev limit to reduce the noise emitted. Such manipulation is possible thanks to the speed controller, which can be set using the additional strap, which is available in the configuration. According to the manufacturer, the fan must work at least 40,000 hours.

At the top of the cooler there are two red LEDs.

Installing the Cooler Master V8 GTS, although it is a difficult task, however, the documentation contains a detailed description of the actions that need to be performed. Inside the system unit, our hero looks spectacular, especially in the dark when the LED backlight is on.


Speaking about the Cooler Master V8 GTS, it is worth noting that this cooling system has an original appearance, and the LED backlight will decorate the internal world of the system unit. In terms of performance and efficiency, the new product is at an average level. Its power will be enough for any system in standard mode, as well as for insignificant overclocking of the processor, but it is not capable of more. The pluses also include high-quality assembly, which will provide reliable fastening of the cooler, low noise level, the removal of hot air outside the case.

The disadvantages include fairly large dimensions and the inability to cool elements of the motherboard.


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