Comprehensive computer scan was before the acquisition


Agree, it’s stupid to buy a used computer without personally checking it for a complete set, technical specifications, performance, the presence of shortcomings and all kinds of effects. There are several ways to check. For example, standard. This is a test of the technical component of the PC using the Windows system. You can also download various programs designed to test a used computer.

Comprehensive computer scan was before the acquisition

We start with a visual inspection


Before purchasing high-tech electronics, the first thing a buyer should do is visually inspect the computer case. It should not be badly scratched, it should not be anywhere:




The used computer case must not be deformed. If the above defects exist, are visible to the naked eye, immediately refuse such a purchase. Most likely, the unit was handled carelessly, so the internal filling can be damaged mechanically.


Modern electronics is very sensitive. Therefore, it requires special care. If the case does not have any damage, visible defects, the unit looks like new, you can proceed to further inspection and testing of a used computer.

Utility Check

Today, there are many programs that can be downloaded and with their help check the performance of the computer, its contents, test the hardware. Some programs can only verify installed hardware. While others are suitable for checking PCs:

on stability

video card loads

computer drives


It is best to choose a comprehensive utility.

For example, PassMark PerformanceTest 9.0 is suitable for complex research. This program is a complete set of tests, which released the world famous company PassMark.

The utility provides an excellent opportunity to generally evaluate the performance of a used personal computer by comparing this data with other computer devices.

There are more than 20 standard tests, plus 5 custom tests. Using this utility, you can check the quality of 2D and 3D graphics, check disk drives and the memory of a computer device without any problems. The computer program, according to the results of tests, gives the result in the form of convenient graphs, according to which it is very simple, from a visual point of view, to assess the quality of the PC.


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