Compact camcorder Panasonic HDC-SD909

Compact camcorder Panasonic HDC-SD909

Panasonic has released the HDC-SD909 camcorder. Three-matrix systems have a great advantage, since their feature is that each spectrum – red, green and blue, is fixed by separate matrices. Thus, the image is more saturated. This system is called 3MOS, where each matrix has twice as much light perception area as the CCD matrix.

Panasonic HDC-SD909 Camcorder At A Glance

The camera lens does not scare children, because they love the audience’s attention and behave directly. An experienced operator will be able to demonstrate the talent of your child, show his mood, character, guarantee a high-quality shooting of a children's matinee.


The kit with a digital video camera includes a power supply with a USB input, a USB cable, a power cord, an instruction manual, and a wrist strap.

Design and body material

The case material of the Panasonic HDC-SD9 digital video camera is glossy plastic.

On one side is a screen under which all the controls of the device are located. Below is the headphone input and component input, which connects to the RCA connector on the PC. The battery is located on the back side, and if you remove it, the HDMI and USB ports will become available. If you use the first port, you should not forget that in this mode the camera must be connected to a 220V network. Above is the viewfinder, next to which there is a mode switch – the picture is displayed on the display or in the viewfinder. Below it is a power and record button. There is a handle on the other side of the device. Finally, on top, under the lid, there is a hot shoe.

Compact camcorder Panasonic HDC-SD909

Controls and Interface

Video camera Panasonic HDC-SD909 with support for high-definition video Full HD has a maximum video resolution of 1920×1080, with a wide viewing angle. Also, the camera has a 12x optical and 700x digital zoom, providing amazing clarity and brightness of distant details. Video recording is carried out on a flash-drive. There is support for memory cards SDHC, SDXC, SD. The Panasonic HDC-SD909 camcorder has outputs: AV, HDMI and component video output. In addition, there is also a USB interface and a microphone input.


This digital video camera has photo mode support with a maximum photo resolution of 4608×3072 pixels. This provides vivid, realistic photos in widescreen shooting mode.

Video recording

Movies from this camera are recorded in MPEG4 format. Thanks to the presence of a viewfinder with a resolution of 123,000 pixels and the auto exposure function, shooting with a Panasonic HDC-SD909 camcorder brings extraordinary pleasure, since the subject is constantly in focus.


The power source for the Panasonic HDC-SD909 digital video camera is a lithium-ion battery.


Compact camcorder Panasonic HDC-SD909


Panasonic HDC-SD909 is a fairly powerful camera and has an original design. It can be connected to a TV, game console, which is very convenient. Among other devices, it stands out in that there is a shooting mode for truly high-quality video.


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