Choosing a TV in 2019


In this article, we offer you a brief overview of televisions that fit perfectly into the price-quality segment. Naturally, we will be determined based on your requests. First of all, we will say that we will consider only new models.

LGLM960V. This model from the world famous manufacturer LG, is a device framed in a thin metal frame of 4 mm, which also does not in any way limit the size of the image displayed on the screen. A graceful stand also deserves attention, which in some way complements the concept of a soaring design. LED technology will provide you with even better, clearer images, greatly increasing contrast and reducing power consumption. The 3D sound zooming system, in turn, will significantly distinguish three-dimensional objects in the display process. For gamers, the Dual Play function is also provided, which allows you to carry out a game session together on the same monitor, using two specialized points.


Choosing a TV in 2019

How to choose a TV in 2019

Undoubtedly, one cannot fail to note the leader in modern television manufacturing Samsung, who recently introduced the latest ES9000 model to the consumer. While the TV is available in a modification of 75 inches and in addition to the large screen, it also has a great design – a pink-golden frame is complemented by an elegant stand. Smart Interaction technology enables control without the need for a remote control. As in the previous two models, this TV offers gesture recognition and voice recognition to consumers.


Smart VIERA TX-LR47DT50, another television that is worthy of attention in this context. This new product from Panasonic is not in vain called "smart." Inside the model there are a huge number of technologies and systems that provide consumers with the opportunity to enjoy modern television. One of them is the IPTV platform, which provides the viewer access to multiple Internet resources. You will also be able to chat with your relatives and friends on a service such as skype, view numerous portals. With all this, the Full HD 3D system, with a progressive scan of the displayed image, will allow you to transfer all the richness and effectiveness of three-dimensional video images. Well, of course, one cannot fail to note the metal-glass design concept, with a small thin frame on an equally graceful and stylish stand, which gives the TV a special elegance and elegance.

The new Mystery MTV-4019LW TV model will be able to fully reward you with its capabilities and certainly will not let you down, meeting your expectations. Laconic design and the highest quality video images successfully combined in one device, perfectly fit into any interior. And the most natural color rendering contributes to the presence of LED backlight. Also, you can always connect compatible devices to the TV via the USB interface.

The most competitive TV model on the market today is the Philips Smart LED TV 55PFL8007. In the event that you have not yet encountered the highest quality SMART TV, it is this TV that will provide you with the best opportunity to correct this shortcoming. Thanks to the built-in video camera, you can communicate with your loved ones on a service such as Skype. Connection to the Internet is carried out by means of WI-FI, which is built into the TV. The backlight, created on the basis of the latest Ambilight Spectra XL technology, allows you to completely immerse yourself in the world of video. In turn, by pressing just one button, you will be able to get unheard of pleasure from watching three-dimensional video.

Noteworthy is the representative of the television market, which is unlikely to be able to boast of such high achievements as previous manufacturers, but still the model of the Sharp AQUOS LC-80LE645E TV. Against the backdrop of a huge screen with a diagonal of 80 inches, all the other televisions seem just tiny. But, despite the enormous size, the model fits perfectly into any room. On the other hand, before buying, it is worth considering the fact that for maximum viewing conditions, the distance between the screen and the viewer should be at least three meters.

In our short review, we could not help but recall the manufacturer, who for many years was the leader in television production and his position was simply not criminal – the Sony BRAVIA HX853 series. New from Sony, will help you take a huge step into the future. Due to the presence of unique multimedia functions, the device is able to combine absolutely all digital devices that are located in your immediate use. The ability to enjoy communication on the big screen in services such as Skype, TWEETER, etc. With the Intelligent Connect feature, you can organize a true multimedia entertainment center at home.


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