Cheap Philips 227E3QPHSU IPS Monitor


Until recently, it was practically impossible to buy a really high-quality monitor at an affordable price. Of course, there were and are inexpensive models made on the TN + film technology on the market, but all of them have insufficiently accurate color reproduction, and some also have small viewing angles.

Monitors with an IPS matrix have always been quite expensive. But times are changing and now there is the opportunity to purchase a good IPS monitor at a really affordable price – Philips 227E3QPHSU.


This monitor is part of the Philips E-line series. It offers a unique combination of perfect pictures, sophisticated looks, touch controls and efficiency. Philips has created a truly beautiful display: an attractive, stylish design with a thin translucent blue frame and a glossy finish.


Philips 227E3QPHSU Monitor

Cheap Philips 227E3QPHSU IPS Monitor

The control and settings buttons are concentrated in the lower right corner of the screen, but using them is quite easy with just one touch. Like most modern PC monitors, the Philips 227E3QPHSU has an HDMI output, which provides its flexible options for direct connection to a wide range of multimedia devices: Blu-ray players, game consoles, camcorders and digital cameras.

Built-in PowerSensor technology, based on the operation of the infrared sensor, automatically reduces the brightness of the monitor if you move away from it, and this can significantly save on electricity.

The display shows excellent image quality and wide viewing angles (178 degrees horizontally and vertically), remarkable contrast of 20,000,000: 1 and bright, vibrant, natural colors. Philips 227E3QPHSU is ideal not only for viewing and editing digital photos, films and Internet surfing, but also for use in professional applications that require color accuracy and uniform brightness at all points.

The weak point of both this monitor and IPS technology in general is the low response time of the matrix. Here it is equal to 14 ms. This parameter may not seem enough for gamers playing dynamic games, but for all the others it is not critical.

The monitor has a diagonal of 21.5 inches, Full HD format with a resolution of 1920 × 1080 pixels with support for progressive scan (1080p) – such parameters will undoubtedly please movie buffs who prefer to watch movies on their home computer.

At the time of this writing, the Philips 227E3QPHSU monitor can be bought at a price that is ridiculous for such specifications – only $ 215. Also on sale is the older brother of this panel, which has a larger diagonal (23 inches) – Philips 237E3QPHSU.

VERDICT: Philips 227E3QPHSU is a model that offers professional quality at an attractive price. The monitor is equally suitable for those who need accurate color reproduction, high contrast and uniform brightness (working in photo and video editors), as well as for users who want to watch movies on a computer.

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