Bliss Pad R9020 Simple Tablet


Bliss Pad R9020 is a mobile friend for any active users, as well as lovers of tablet personal computers. The internal resources of this computer are the following indicators.

Bliss Pad R9020 Simple Tablet

Overview of the Bliss Pad R9020


This model is based on the fast Rockchip RK2918 processor, and is also controlled by the new Android 4.0 system, which is released by the Google search engine. This tablet easily reproduces most of the well-known and popular video formats and without difficulty has the ability to play the most used music formats by users. In addition, the tablet has the ability to support an interface with HDMI and, accordingly, through it you can easily connect to the HD manufactured equipment. This technique is also a plasma TV.

It is equipped with a touch screen. This screen is quite easy to use and has a 9 inch size. It instantly responds to any touch of the finger on the screen. Two web cameras are built into the perimeter of this device, which have 2 and 3 megapixels of quality and at the same time they are ideal for capturing photographs, as well as shooting videos. Also, these cameras are ideal for use in conferences, with the help of which video is used, provided that the tablet is connected to the Internet network.


Bliss Pad R9020 Simple Tablet

External data and PC. In the case of this computer there is a USB port that allows you to connect to a stationary computer, for faster and more comfortable data exchange. Also in the presence of a card reader, which allows you to increase the used memory from 8 (already available) to 32 GB of memory, for more convenient use by a computer.

The possibility of constant access to the Internet network. This tablet is equipped with a Wi-Fi function, as well as a port for using high-speed Internet connection via 3G, which allows you to be online if the device is within reach of a Wi-Fi connection, or anywhere in the world where a mobile network catches. And at the same time, the owner of this miracle of technology almost always has the opportunity to stay up to date with all the news, and can also watch videos and listen to music online.

Taking into account all the advantages of this model, we can say that this tablet meets the requirements for work and entertainment to anyone who can afford it. And do not forget that this model has established itself as a high-quality and easy-to-use product.

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