Bliss Pad Q7011 7-inch tablet on Android 2.3


Once again, Nexus introduced its new, multimedia tablet with a 7-inch screen. Modules are built into the tablet: Wi-Fi, GPS, 3G, and the device works on Android 2.3. This tablet can be used not only as a portable computer, but also as a mobile phone, due to the fact that all the functions that require the use of the tablet as a means of mobile communication, and can also be used as a GPS navigator, are built into this device.

Bliss Pad Q7011 7-inch tablet on Android 2.3

Tablet Bliss Pad Q7011


The tablet is equipped with an Adreno200 graphics accelerator, and the tablet also has a seven-inch touch screen with a screen resolution of eight hundred by four hundred pixels, and the device also supports multi-touch technology. Tablet performance increased by 30% and when viewing multimedia by 20%.

Built-in to the tablet: microSD card with a capacity of 8GB, also a front and rear camera, with a resolution of 0.3MP on the front and 2MP on the rear, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 2.1 adapters, a USB 2.0 port and an integrated 3G module, and a GPS receiver. The tablet has support for Skype, and can also play multimedia with a variety of content from any USB-drive. From the very beginning, some programs are preinstalled on the tablet: a navigator, Google Map, a calculator, an alarm clock, a text editor and also games. When you watch videos or listen to music, the tablet can work up to 7 hours, thanks to a 3.7 V, 4000 mAh battery.


Bliss Pad Q7011 7-inch tablet on Android 2.3

Although the case of the device is made of dark silver plastic, it still looks quite stylish. At the ends of the device there are two buttons, as well as slots for SIM and microSD – cards. The weight of the device is 376 grams, which is not so bad, as well as the dimensions of the device are very compact 197x120x12.5 mm. that will not disappoint users.

It’s time to take stock, the tablet is very good for home needs and long-distance trips, you can also use the device as a navigator or a phone, but for the price of 5,000 to 8,000 rubles it’s a great tablet, well, considering that it’s become It’s many times faster to work and can be used as a navigator or a working device, then this is generally a very good option for purchase.


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