Blackberry Curve 9360: review and description


The capabilities of the presented smartphone Blackberry Curve 9360 have been deliberately cut back. It has no touch screen. Of course, it should be expected that this will cause negative emotions, but in general it is not known how users around the world will react. Despite the fact that the screen has become non-touch, it is the main improvement of the smartphone. Its dimensions, as before, are 2.4 inches, but at the same time the resolution has increased to 480 * 360. Direct sunlight does not practically affect the picture quality and the viewing angle is quite large. There is one significant minus: when viewing web-pages, very often the font size can be very small and not easy to read, but in order to increase the content you will need to constantly go to the menu.

Of course, the new Blackberry Curve 9360 can not be released only with flaws, we need improved replacements that will have advantages. A similar update is the processor. Its power is 800 MHz, and RAM 512 MB 160 of which you can use only for additional applications. The phone comes with a 1 GB memory card, which by modern standards is by no means impressive, even for budget phones. The smartphone supports four bands GSM, GPRS, EDGE. There is also access to HSDPA at a speed of 7.2 MB in the bands 850, 1900, 2100 MHz.


Blackberry Curve 9360 Phone

Blackberry Curve 9360: review and description

Blackberry Appearance

The dimensions of the Curve family have not undergone large changes, height – 109 mm, width – 61 mm. The Blackberry 9360 smartphone has lost weight, its thickness is now 11 mm and its weight is 99 grams. The battery became the victim of such harmony, now its capacity is 1000 mAh.


A black frame appeared on the 9360's case, and there are no more special keys. Only the micro-USB 2.0 input remains. The set of media keys on the top of the phone is now not complete. But this did not affect the functionality of the phone. The play key is between the volume keys. Pressing these buttons navigates the tracks.

The smartphone case is made of glossy black plastic. It looks, it can be beautiful, but not original. And on cheap material there will always be types of fingerprints of the owner. Frankly speaking, the phone is too small. Even people with small hands will be uncomfortable holding it in their hands. The keyboard itself aggravates the inconvenience, the keys are located very close to the case and they are too soft.

During testing, the Blackberry Curve 9360 lasted 5 hours, in standby mode it is able to work for about two days. The quality of communication is not up to par. Voices are often distorted, distant, and may even take on a metallic tone.

A 5 megapixel smartphone camera is not particularly impressive, but still, it allows you to take pictures of good quality in various situations. Photos can turn out dark, blurry, color reproduction is also not at the highest level. We can conclude that the camera is not intended for people who are fond of photography, it is more suitable for those who need photos without much effort.

Performance Curve 9360

If you compare Blackberry OS with well-known brands, then this is a beautiful calculator with an address book. At first it seems that the phone has many different applications installed. In fact, these are just links from which you can install the desired program. The update takes several minutes, and during the update the system hangs terribly. And after installing the updates, you must definitely restart the smartphone, surprisingly, but it also takes a few minutes.

This is not customary to talk about, but the Blackberry Curve 9360 is an unsuccessful model. The manufacturer needs to change something, because its task is to attract a client, not to scare away. If the buyer is interested in the phone as a means of communication, then this is what he needs.


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