Audi and LG have developed a smart watch for driving


The automotive giant Audi, in collaboration with LG, developed a “smart watch” that was already used at the annual CES technology exhibition: obeying the signals of the operator who manipulated the clock, a car with an “autopilot” Audi Prologue drove to the stand of the German manufacturer.

When Audi presented the public its new Prologue drone at the CES booth, it was these specially designed smart watches that started the car’s engine with just one click.


Audi and LG have developed a smart watch for driving

Smart watches by Audi and LG

It’s like the German James Bond, head of Audi’s research and development department, Dr. Ulrich Hackenberg, used his wrist watches to bring the car to the stage of the exhibition – and later boasted to the reporters gathered around him.


The round dial of the wearable gadget resembles the updated version of the “smart watch” LG G Watch R. It is also known that the watch is controlled by Google’s Android Wear OS created specifically for such devices.

However, the developers from Audi equipped the OS with a new user interface, gave the surface of the device a metallic look and a leather strap. And, of course – the car control function.

To connect the watch with a car, German engineers use NFC technology (short-range contactless contact). Now they are busy with ways to secure this technology for uninterrupted communication between the “drone” and the control device.

Like secure mobile payments, the presented watch, theoretically, can be used to unlock the car and start the engine, adjust the climate control, change the audio settings, and generally significantly help the owner go to his favorite pub and back. Okay, okay, we thought of the last function ourselves.

So far, the watches that have not received their own name will also be equipped with biometric sensors to monitor the heart rate and temperature of the driver (or, better to say, the operator).

Audi is not the only company working in this direction. Another auto giant, Nissan, also featured the Nismo wearable gadget of a similar type.

Unfortunately, the presented watches are unlikely to hit the market in the foreseeable future. Probably, the development will be used exclusively in Audi's secret laboratories for long-term testing and improvement.

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