Apple MacBook Air vs Sony VAIO X: comparative review

Both brands – Sony VAIO and Apple – produce fashion laptops, famous not only for their high performance and functionality, but also for their unique design. After the release of Apple's MacBook Air, Sony VAIO created a worthy competitor for two years. And here he is – the VAIO X laptop, whose thickness is even smaller than the MacBook Air.

In the segment of expensive fashion laptops, someone prefers Apple, someone Sony VAIO. Previously, we already reviewed the MacBook Air model, and now, with the advent of the Sony VAIO X-series, a comparison of the unique products of the two brands suggests itself. Although the MacBook Air has a 13.3 "screen, the VAIO X has 11.1", each of which is special in its own way, unmatched in its own way.

Apple MacBook Air vs Sony VAIO X: comparative review

Compare Apple MacBook Air vs Sony VAIO X Notebooks

To begin with, we note that Sony VAIO X is currently released in two versions, differing only in the processors and the capacity of the SSD-drive. Single-core Intel Atom Z550 processors in the VPCX11Z1R / X modification and Atom Z540 in the VPCX11S1R / B differ in clock frequency – 2 GHz and 1.86 GHz, respectively, bus – 533 MHz, cache memory – 512 Kb. The size of the SSD flash drive in the first case is 256 GB, and in the second – 128 GB.

Apple in its laptop uses dual-core Intel Core 2 Duo processors with frequencies of 1.86 GHz or 2.13 GHz, the bus – 1066 MHz, L2 cache – 6 MB. To store information in various versions, a 120 GB hard drive or a 128 GB SSD drive is used.

Both manufacturers installed 2 GB of non-expandable RAM, and integrated graphics. Both the MacBook Air and VAIO X have a minimum of ports and rugged enclosures. Apple has a stylish silver-colored unibody case made from a single piece of aluminum.

Sony has a no less stylish carbon black case. The 1.94-cm-thick MacBook Air is surpassed by Sony, which created the VAIO X 1.39-cm-thick.

The “airy” MacBook has a USB 2.0 port, an audio output, and a Mini DisplayPort in a hidden compartment.

Apple called its Air laptop for good reason, because it emphasizes working with data wirelessly, over the air. You can copy files, install programs from optical disks downloaded to a remote laptop or computer using the Remote Disk mechanism. This mechanism works both on Macs and on other PC devices. MacBook Air also has Wi-Fi 802.11n and Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR fast wireless modules. You can chat with the iSight camera and iChat everywhere you have a wireless network.

The delightfully thin VAIO X has advantages over Apple's work – the built-in GPRS / 3G module and the slot for connecting SD memory cards and MemoryStick. This is in addition to Wi-Fi 802.11b / g, Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR and Ethernet (10 BASE-T / 100 BASE-TX / 1000 BASE-T). Of course, it has USB and VGA ports for an external display, plus a direct network port (RJ-45), an audio output (for speakers / headphones) and an integrated Motion Eye digital camera with a microphone.

Apple has created a laptop that runs on battery power with wireless on for up to 5 hours.

Sony in return promises up to 8 hours of wireless work on a laptop.

As an operating system in VAIO X pre-installed Windows 7, released to compete with the legendary Mac OS X from Apple.

The full-sized MacBook Air keyboard has key illumination and a built-in ambient light sensor. The large touchpad supports Multi-Touch technology.

The isolated VAIO X keyboard with slightly concave keys located at the optimum distance from each other is optimized for work on the go. The touchpad also supports Multi-Touch.

Apple offers to buy MacBook Air SuperDrive as an accessory – a thin, lightweight and compact drive designed specifically for the MacBook Air, as well as various adapters: MagSafe Airline for connecting to the power connector built into the chair during flight, for connecting to an external monitor or projector – Mini DisplayPort-DVI, Mini DisplayPort-two-channel DVI, Mini DisplayPort-VGA, Time Capsule – a revolutionary backup device that interacts with Time Machine in Mac OS X Leopard wirelessly (all content is automatically copied), as well as base stations b sprovodnye mouse and keyboard.

Sony VAIO offers to make your laptop even more mobile, more efficient and more effective with the help of accessories created specifically for VAIO X-series laptops: the high-quality leather bag VGP-CKX1 and the laser laser mouse VGP-BMS10 / S are created as carefully as the laptop itself. And with the reinforced LL VGP-BPX19 battery, you can save up to 16 hours of battery life.

Thus, Sony VAIO X and Apple MacBook Air are worthy of each other. Each of which is good in its own way. And what kind of exclusive, which fits even in a folder for papers, to carry, choose, of course, for you.

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