7 technological innovations that we could only dream of before


1. Headphones with integrated translator

Waverly Ambassador Translator – headphones with a built-in translator that supports 20 languages ​​and 42 dialects. It works like this. You speak, for example, Russian, and your interlocutor – in English. The system automatically translates the replicas and translates them into the headphones.

The gadget is suitable not only for face-to-face conversations, but also for collective conversations: through a special application, you can connect up to four translators. Also, headphones imply alternate use by different people, therefore they have a “hygienic” design: the device does not fit into the auricle and does not get dirty.


2. Heated cup

The ceramic cup from Ember connects to the smartphone via Bluetooth and is controlled through the application. It sets the required temperature – you can choose from several options for different drinks. The cup will keep warm for an hour. You can drink coffee for a long time while doing other things, and it will not cool.

3. Glasses with integrated speakers


The glasses of the Bose Frames series look stylish and reliable: the lenses are made of high-quality glass, and the arms fix metal loops. But their main feature is in the electronic filling. Behind the arms there are small speakers and a button for receiving calls. Using the accessory, you can listen to music, make calls and use the voice assistant.

4. Glasses of mixed reality

Glasses from Nreal also look like the most ordinary, but inside is hidden some of the works of futurist writers. Putting on an accessory, you can see virtual objects in reality, and using a standard controller with a tactile response, you can interact with them.

The start of sales of the device is scheduled for 2020. Information on what content will be provided to the points owners is not yet available. However, it is known that Nreal Light mixed ‑ reality glasses will release next year for just $ 499, which can be used to watch movies and TV shows, as well as play specially designed games on productive Android smartphones.

5. Electric motorcycle

The motorcycle from Harley ‑ Davidson accelerates to 100 km / h in 3 seconds, almost noises and has neither speeds nor grip – just start turning the handle to start. The manufacturer claims that on a single charge of the electric motorcycle you can drive up to 225 km, taking into account the large number of stops, pulling off and following the highways.

You can charge the LiveWire Motorcycle from a regular room power outlet in one night. For faster charging, you will have to visit a special station where the battery will recover in an hour.

6. Automatic feeder that recognizes the cat

When several pets live in a house, feeding them is not so easy. For food, real competition can begin, and everything will go to the most agile. The smart bowl Volta Mookie will help solve this problem. It is equipped with a camera and opens only when it fixes the proximity of a familiar face. If each animal has its own smart bowl, you can not worry that someone has remained hungry.

Also, the device can send notifications to the smartphone that the cat has eaten, and record confirmation videos for the owner.

7. Machine for folding clothes


The American startup Foldimate has created a machine in which you can load T-shirts, pants, shirts, linens and towels. At the exit, she will give out things stacked in a perfect pile.

A working prototype looks like a huge printer, so Foldimate collects money to create a new one. The main goal is to make the device smaller.

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