6 reasons not to buy a smartphone with a curved screen


Samsung, Huawei, OnePlus, Oppo are releasing more and more smartphones with curved screens. Samsung introduced the fashion for them with its long-standing Galaxy Note Edge, while other manufacturers picked up this idea and began to develop with tenacity worthy of a better application.

For example, in the Oppo Waterfall gadget, the touch edges of the display reach almost the back cover. Like the Vivo NEX 3, which does not even have a volume rocker. But Xiaomi went the farthest with its Mi MIX Alpha – just look at this monster.

Curved screens look very nice. But in practice, they have much more minuses than pluses.


1. The increased fragility of the gadget

            6 reasons not to buy a smartphone with a curved screenDo you really need a few extra centimeters of wallpaper wrapped around your smartphone? / reviewgeek.com

Smartphones are already not very durable devices, unless, of course, we are talking about protected samples. And gadgets with curved screens are even more fragile. If an ordinary smartphone with a plastic or metal frame falls and hits the edge on the floor, it still has a chance to survive. But the glass side of the gadget with a curved display will definitely crack.

SquareTrade is known for dropping various smartphones. Its employees examined the Samsung Galaxy S9 and S10 and found that although these devices are stronger than their predecessor S8, their edges can easily crack when dropped.


2. High cost

            6 reasons not to buy a smartphone with a curved screenA strip of screen around the edges does not do any good. Only makes the design more expensive / techweez.com

Smartphones with curved screens cost a lot more than their counterparts with ordinary flat panels, because such displays are more difficult to manufacture. In addition, since the rounded edges are fragile, the question arises of the cost of repairing them in the event of a fall.

According to Why Samsung and iPhone X Screens Are Too Expensive to Fix specialized iFixit resources, repairing curved displays is more expensive than flat ones. And the process of replacing such screens is more time consuming.

3. Difficulties with covers and protective films

            6 reasons not to buy a smartphone with a curved screenThe cover protects the rounded edges, but they will simply not be visible in it / reviewgeek.com

Choosing protective accessories for a smartphone with a curved screen is still a task. Of course, you can try to pull an ordinary cover on it, but it will close the edges of the display and the gadget will stop looking beautiful.

And special covers for such smartphones do not cover the edges and do not protect them in any way, so it becomes unclear why they are needed at all.

The same story with films designed to protect the display from scratches. To stick a piece of glass or plastic on the flat panel of a smartphone is very simple. But on a curved surface to attach protection, without leaving ugly bubbles, it is much more difficult.

Some companies that manufacture protective accessories go to various tricks to still cover the curved displays with protection. Here, for example, is an option from WhiteStone. Place the smartphone in a special bath, fill it with “liquid glass”, put it under an ultraviolet lamp … But why such difficulties?


Many protective films for curved screens have an adhesive surface only at the edges – air remains in the middle, which reduces the sensitivity of the display. Zagg, one of the manufacturers, nevertheless created a protection that glues more or less normally, but the price tag on their accessory bites.

However, even if you managed to stick the film on the gadget perfectly, the fun is not over yet. Some users complain that the protective film lags behind a curved screen more easily.

4. Management inconvenience

When you hold a smartphone with curved edges of the screen, it is very easy to accidentally touch the bend. And this causes false alarms of the sensors.

It’s especially unpleasant when you use applications with side menus that extend to the right or left, and most of these programs in Android. Only you try to intercept the smartphone more comfortably and make a careless movement with your finger as it moves out. This is annoying.

            6 reasons not to buy a smartphone with a curved screenThe icon "flows" from the screen. Cool but useless / ipitaka.com

Or, for example, you slide your finger across the screen to scroll through the text, and instead increase it. That's because you touch the edge of the screen with the hand with which you hold the smartphone, and the device registers two simultaneous touches – this is also a known problem.

True, with the help of special applications, for example EdgeTouch from Samsung, you can set up “dead zones” and turn off the sensitivity of the screen edges. But the question arises: why was it necessary to add a function to the smartphone, which then has to be turned off with the help of “crutches”?

5. Inconvenience to use

            6 reasons not to buy a smartphone with a curved screenSlippery edges often lead to a fall / repararmovilgijon.es

Due to the curved screen, the device becomes inconvenient to hold. With an awkward grip, the mentioned false clicks occur, but the main thing is to drop the gadget as easily as possible. And as we said, repairing a curved display is more expensive than replacing a simple flat panel.

It is especially difficult to keep the devices in a horizontal position, for example, when you watch a video or take a picture. In this case, the grip falls on the sensitive edges. Add also the fact that the glass rounded edges are rather slippery.

6. Doubtful extra features

            6 reasons not to buy a smartphone with a curved screenEdge highlighting looks nice, but putting a smartphone face down is risky / 9to5google.com

Curved screens bring so much complexity. But, probably, their unique chips more than outweigh all the shortcomings? No matter how. Take, for example, the well-known feature of highlighting faces. It works like this: you put the smartphone screen down, and when you receive a notification, the edges of the display begin to glow. And you immediately see that you have a new unread message.

This, of course, is fine, but why put the smartphone down the screen? So more likely to scratch it. In addition, you make the Always On Display function, which is available on many flagships with a curved screen, useless, and it is much more informative than the flickering edges. Well, if a cover is put on your smartphone, the highlight of the edges is not visible at all.

Or another chip that is present on Samsung smartphones with beveled edges – the Edge panel. Swipe your finger around the edge of the screen – and a menu appears with frequently used contacts, application icons, weather forecast and other good.

            6 reasons not to buy a smartphone with a curved screenA retractable panel Samsung is proud of. Doesn’t it happen on other smartphones? / reviewgeek.com

This is also good and useful. But just to implement such a menu, curved screen edges are not needed: the third-party Edge Action application does the same, which can be installed on smartphones with flat panels.

            6 reasons not to buy a smartphone with a curved screen

            6 reasons not to buy a smartphone with a curved screen

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In the end, the curved edges are useless, because due to the small thickness of modern smartphones there simply is nothing to stick there. Do you really need a few more centimeters of wallpaper wrapped around your phone?

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