5-Top Best Cases for iPhone 11 Pro

Apple's iPhone 11 is the pinnacle of everything the iPhone has, and the iPhone 11 Pro is the perfect combination of size, power and style. It is as powerful as the larger iPhone 11 Pro Max, and uses the same camera with three lenses to take stunning pictures, but it is much smaller and can be easily held in one hand. It is also beautiful, with a slim body, no frame and smooth glass body.

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But you can see where it goes. After all, glass is glass, and a shattered iPhone is a depressingly common sight. Don't let your iPhone 11 Pro become another piece of statistics – put on a protective case to keep it safe. We've put together some of the best iPhone 11 Pro cases to keep your iPhone protected from the weather.

Skech Matrix Case for iPhone 11 Pro

5-Top Best Cases for iPhone 11 Pro

The iPhone 11 Pro is an amazingly beautiful phone and should not be hidden behind a large bulky case. This is a completely transparent case, allowing you to show the world the style of your iPhone, complemented by an additional honeycomb pattern. The case has passed full fall tests. It also comes with a raised faceplate for added protection and a coating that protects against yellowing. This is a simple defense, but it is effective although a price of more than a thousand can scare away.

Incipio NGP Pure Transparent Shockproof Case for iPhone 11 Pro

5-Top Best Cases for iPhone 11 Pro

Incipio has a strong collection of shockproof accessories, and the NGP Pure line is one of the best translucent protection options. It is made of impact-resistant, wear-resistant and elastic material, so it will provide good protection against drops, bumps and scratches. This is impressive given its subtlety: Incipio claims that NGP Pure provides protection against falls of up to 1.5 meters. The material is soft and viscous, provides additional protection against falls and an attractive minimalist design.

Griffin Survivor Endurance Bumper Cover for iPhone 11 Pro

5-Top Best Cases for iPhone 11 Pro

Do you want protection? Griffin will give you her. Survivor Endurance is as hardy as its name suggests, providing superior comprehensive protection combined with a relatively thin and lightweight design. It uses Griffin FortiCore technology along the bumper to provide excellent impact protection, which, according to Griffin, protects against falling directly onto concrete from 3 meters, making it one of the most protective cases. This protection is reinforced by a pebble texture along the outside of the bumper, which enhances traction. It is thin and light, despite all the protection, which makes it a great choice for daily use. Although this will not be the choice for stylish people, since Survivor Endurance is a very durable case with a solid design – but if you can live with a lack of style, this is a great option.

Case-Mate Karat Shockproof Matte Case for iPhone 11 Pro

5-Top Best Cases for iPhone 11 Pro

Slim, stylish and unusually shiny Case-Mate Karat case (mother of pearl) is a protective choice for those who want to surprise with their phone. Inspired by 1950s Lucite handbags, the case uses genuine pieces of pearl and sterling silver encased in resin to give your phone a style that will haunt fans. It has armor to support this beauty with flexible gripping sides and metal buttons. It even works with wireless charging. Beauty is worth its price, and this case will cost you a staggering 2000, but this price includes a lifetime warranty, which greatly facilitates investment.

Smartish Leather Book Case for iPhone 11 Pro

5-Top Best Cases for iPhone 11 Pro

The case has a removable wristband to keep it handy, as well as an adjustable shoulder strap to keep your hands free and your phone accessible. There is room for five cards and extra money so you can leave your wallet at home. There are even a couple of loops so you can keep lip gloss on hand. This is a very specialized accessory, but if you like additional utilities, this is a fantastic $ 30 purchase.

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