5 main reasons why the console is better than a PC

Set-top box or personal computer? – Here is an eternal topic for debate among game fans. Many are sure that a PC is a universal thing, and a keyboard and mouse are excellent devices for controlling a character. On the other hand, modern gamepads are in no way inferior in ease of use: breathtaking graphics of toys, high-quality films on Blu-ray discs and the ability to surf the Web – all this has become possible thanks to the latest technologies!

Let's take a closer look at these and other reasons why consoles are better than PCs.

5 main reasons why the console is better than a PC

The first argument. Games without brakes

All products released for game consoles are already optimized for the hardware. For example, Xbox discs are made exclusively for Xbox and nothing else; this completely excludes the possibility of "braking" and "departure" of toys. Of course, this argument is valid when it comes to a high-quality set-top box, purchased in a specialized store, and not with hands or in the market.

The second argument. Saves space and kilowatts

A modern game console, unlike a PC, takes up little space and consumes less power (by the way, a computer with an advanced hardware "eats" a lot). The console can be completely hidden on the shelf of the cabinet after the game, it does not need a table and chair. Just connect it to the TV, sit comfortably on the couch and have fun to the full!

The third argument. There is where to swing a saber

If you often play on the PC, you may need additional gadgets, and modern consoles in the kit, as a rule, already have everything you need. And why are there spatial controllers! Catch fish, play ping pong, chop the enemy into pieces with a saber … All these pleasures have become even brighter thanks to the development of manipulators that respond to the movement of the player. Nintendo, for example, has been releasing various steering wheels, tennis rackets and golf clubs for its Wii console for many years! And, of course, the incomparable pleasure to race racing or box on the console with friends!

The fourth argument. We surf the Internet using the console

In disputes on the topic “Prefix or PC” a few years ago, many made a strong argument in favor of the computer, proving that it has more options: you can watch movies, photos, listen to music and, of course, go online to download content or chopped into online toys. Today, most game consoles boast the same set of features, plus a few more advantages.

The fifth argument. Fantastic resolution

Of course, modern games have reached such a high level of cinematography that some people, looking at the TV that broadcasts some action-packed fight with your participation, seriously ask: "What kind of movie are you watching?" Stunning graphics of "console" toys – this is the fifth weighty argument that the console is what you need for entertainment! Let the computer remain only a tool for work!

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